Bulletproof Artiest: K-otic
Titel: Bulletproof
Land: Nederland
Release: mei 2001
Label: Jive/Zomba
Hoogste notering: 1 (7 weken)
Bijzonderheden: dubbel platina (meer dan 160.000 ex. verkocht)

01. Damn (I Think I Love You)
02. I Can’t Explain
03. I Really Don’t Think So
04. When Your Heart Is Connected
05. No Perfect World
06. Peace Of Mind (Stefan)
07. Sorry
08. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
09. Rebel Child
10. Gina (Martijn)
11. Call For Me
12. Supergirl (Bart)

13. I Was Made To Love You (duet Sita & Bart)
14. I Can’t Explain (down under acoustic version)

Exclusive CD-Rom Tracks:
15. I Was Made To Love You (videoclip)
16. Jessica Folcker – Miracles (videoclip)