Dance The Night Away

The morning
Is here
Still hear the echoes of all yesterday’s cheers

Come daylight
Come rain
Pass me by just like a super sonic plane

I’m restless
So come on
Don’t wanna wait till it’s all over and gone

Tonight will
Be ours
Getting ready for a night lit up by stars
(Filled up with love and guitars)

Keep dancing with me
We’re young and we’re free
Tomorrow’s not today
Keep moving your feet
We’re rocking the streets
Let’s dance the night away
(Night away)

Wave dullness
Love and drumbeats shoot us up to the sky!

Today was
The same
But it only takes a spark to light a flame
(This is the name of the game)

Herhaal refrein

when tomorrow will come with it’s bright hello
just remember the time, ´cause I want you to know
that tonight we’ll sing, tonight we’re the stars
Let’s dance the night away
Keep dancing with me
Keep dancing with me
Keep dancing…

Herhaal refrein 2X