Red Guitar

I walk out the music store
With the one I truly adore
Just one decision made
But I’m not sure if I’ll ever get payed
Been waiting so long for a chance
and I’ll take it
Yeah now I realize that
we can make it

My life’s singing now
We do what we want
Me and my red guitar
We’re ridin’ a star
Feels like flyin’ high
The way that we play
Me and my red guitar
Finding the way

It’s just plain and simple how
My dream is guiding me now
My fate just can’t wait well I
Can tell by just lookin’ at the sky
I know what I need and I know
I can make it
It’s in my eyes,
just can’t fake it


From here there’ll be no turnin’ back
And I don’t need no guarantees
As long as I know where my heart is at
You’ll find me down the street
That leads to me
Me and my red guitar