With You

Funny what’s waiting ‘round the corner
Must be the ways of the world
Who would have thought that I would end up
Wour woman and your girl
So we were close and we were open
Smiling at things heaven knows
No one was nowhere near serious
Untill not long ago

I couldn’t see me falling like that
I couldn’t believe you’d see me like that
I just couldn’t hear you talkin’ like that
No I won’t say no amd here I go

With you you will get to know me
With you I’ll be with you only
Loneliness sure took sometime
‘Til my heart found a home, with you
With you I am always with you
With you as far to say I do
Even when we’re miles apart
I’m always somewhere
With you

An inside feeling so endless
Just a beauty natural high
You’re so much more than I could ask for
Yeah you’re my reason why

Now I know you like me like that
Now I see you coming like that
Now I feel we’re all about that
And i won’t say no, I just let go


Can I say the things I want
Will you listen to my words
When they are down and lo
Or will I be mistaken
For what life must put us through
Will you let me be with you