My Kitchen

It’s early, early in the morning
Birds and planes furnish the sky
And I’m waking up in my purple bedroom
It’s a perfect day for you and I
I tidy up the clothes that cover the floor
Then I walk out the door into the pink hall

This lazy day
I welcome you into my house

Drink coffee in my kitchen baby
You get the biggest cup
You’ve ever seen in your whole life
My yellow, yellow kitchen baby
You’re the best and I invite
You into my cartoon house

It’s a little, little messy sometimes
Colored things all over the place
But I have to admit I love that
Persona; in my own way
In my lovely living room
the walls are green
My couch is the biggest
one you’ve ever seen

This lazy day
I welcome you into my house


Things and things and things
I collect everything I see
It might be useful sometimes, I think
When I’m 40 I think I need to move
to a castle
To make room for everyting