A Million Stars

In my dreams I still feel you
You are right by my side
And though I’m asleep
There’s no way to keep the distance

You’re the air that I’m breathing
You’re the breeze on my skin
You are everywhere
Whispers in the air around me

Out of my mind
Could we rewind
Can you come and touch me one more time
There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do

I would give a million stars if you would
take my hand
All the colors of the rainbow for a single
I could travel ‘round the sun to reach your
heart and then
I would walk across the moon to have
your love again

Soul and body, I’m all yours
You were always the one
And although I’m scared
I’d return again to your arms

I’m loosing ground
My head’s spinning ‘round
Say that you’ll leave that you have found
There ain’t a thing I wouldn’t do


Hear me I’m calling
Catch me I’m falling
Hear me I’m calling
Before I fall